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Client Tools

From calculating your projected mortgage payments, to researching local schools - these online tools & calculators are provided for your convenience!


Tools and Calculators

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Home Finder Tool

The Home Finder allows you to search for REALTOR® listings that are for sale or lease in the Greater Houston area.

Mortgage Calculator

School Finder

The School Finder allows you to search for information on Houston schools, as well as any school in Texas. You can search for schools based on the county, district, campus and/or zip code. The data includes school ratings and rankings, demographic make-up, staff experience as well as STAAR and SAT score statistics. Additionally, you can compare one school to another. Available school information includes its accountability rating, grade type, and average SAT score (where applicable).


The Neighborhood Information Finder allows you to search for and view Houston subdivisions and Houston subdivision price trends and tax rates, statistics and appraised values.

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